Revolutionizing Private Equity and Alternatives Investing

Revolutionizing Private Equity
and Alternatives Investing

Traditionally only available to ultra-high-net-worth individuals and large institutions, you can now join Aqua and invest like the pros!

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Join Aqua now to access the asset class averaging over 25% Internal Rate of Return and has historically beat the S&P 500.

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How Private Equity Firms Work

Private equity firms are managing record levels of capital from investors, using this strategy

Buy It

Private equity firms acquire stakes in companies that they see potential in. These acquired companies are called portfolio companies.

Fix It

Private equity firms work with their portfolio companies to increase revenue and reduce costs. This makes the portfolio companies more valuable.

Sell It

Private equity firms sell their stakes in portfolio companies at a higher price than the price they bought the stakes for.

Why Private Equity

A high-performing asset class
now open to you

A high-performing asset class now
open to you


Higher Returns

Today, many savvy investors put their money into index funds that track the S&P 500, as it is known for its steady returns. Private Equity averages over 25% internal rate of return, historically outperforming the growth rate of the S&P 500, making it an even more attractive investment opportunity.


Professionally Managed

Most investors have other full-time jobs, preventing them from being able to constantly look after their investments.
Professionally managed funds take that hassle away, as your money is being invested by someone whose sole responsibility is to look for the best places to put your money.



Events affecting the economy can impact specific sectors or public markets at-large.
By placing money in alternative asset funds, investors can hedge their risk against downturns in investment themes or public markets.


A technology-first approach to private equity funds

Potential for Liquidity

Private equity funds are extremely illiquid assets. Individuals can be locked into capital commitments for up to 10 years.
Aqua provides a marketplace where individuals can buy and sell portions of funds during designated times of the year.

Simplified PE Investing

Aqua’s platform takes all of the hassle out of investing in a private equity or alternative asset fund. We deal with the asset manager and simply pay you when returns roll in. Managing your investments does not have to be your primary concern. It’s ours.

Lower Minimum Investments

Private equity and alternative asset funds
can have high minimum investments that may be locked away for years.
Most individuals do not possess this amount
of liquid cash. Aqua allows you to invest
in much smaller increments.

World-Class Strategies from World-Class Managers


A combination
of private equity
and technology

A combination of
private equity and
technology backgrounds

When Rohan worked at Blackstone, he noticed that private equity and alternative asset funds were always in high demand, but the only customers were large institutions or ultra high-net-worth individuals.

Rohan wanted to drastically expand access to these investment opportunities, so he teamed up with an ambitious technologist, Dev. Together, they are proudly democratizing private equity.

Rohan Marwaha

Co-founder & CEO

Previously worked at Blackstone. Vanderbilt Commodore. NY Red Bulls fan and semi-mediocre golfer.

Dev Patel

Co-founder & CTO

Previously worked at Bank
of America. Vanderbilt Commodore. Patriots fan and mediocre golfer.

Our Team's Background

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